Election Day: May 14, 2024

Success & Safety in Our Schools

As a parent and retired Montgomery County Police Officer, Sharif Hidayat is devoted to the success and safety of every student. He champions academic excellence and parental involvement. Passionate about our children’s futures? Join our campaign for the Board of Education in Montgomery County, and be a part of the change!

About Sharif Hidayat

Leadership. Experience. Values.

Sharif spent over 20 years with the Montgomery County Police Department. As a Community Service Officer, Sharif worked with HOAs, civic associations, and non-profit organizations to promote a better community.  

From his days as a community service officer to his active role as a parent and PTA Delegate, Sharif has the experience to help every child find success in a safe and nurturing educational setting. That’s why he is running for an at-large seat on the Board of Education in Montgomery County!


Sharif's Priorities

Sharif will prioritize core subjects and quality teaching methods to ensure every student has the opportunity to excel.

Sharif will work to empower parents to be active partners in their child's education for a stronger, supportive learning experience.

Sharif will ensure taxpayer dollars are wisely spent, prioritizing resources for effective education and student growth.

Create peaceful spaces for reflection and meditation, promoting well-being and a positive learning environment.

Sharif will bring back School Resource Officers (SROs). He will also work to guarantee schools are secure, welcoming spaces, free from bullying and violence, where every student can thrive.

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Contact Sharif

[email protected]

(240) 876-1825

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